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 Showing Compassion

Children wishing to contribute to Compassion International,

is an opportunity for our HUB Kids to sponsor a child living in poverty.


(From Wikipedia:)  Child Sponsorship Program

Children in the program are provided food and clean water, medical care, education, life-skills training, and spiritual guidance through a direct sponsorship. Sponsored children are selected by the sponsors and two-way communication is encouraged between the sponsored child and the sponsor. As of October 2016 the cost to sponsor a child through Compassion is $38 per month. There are currently over 1 million children worldwide in this program.

Sponsors are able to visit their sponsored children through trips planned by Compassion International. Compassion’s goal is to provide a trip to each country every other year. Compassion coordinates every aspect of the trip including travel, meals, tips and gratuities, fees related to the travel, and sightseeing fares.