Picnic – Passing Dish List (Items by Name)

  1. One Large Dish AND

  2. One Dish, according to the List below                                         (by the First letter of your last name)

  • A-J:    Dessert
  • K-M:  Big Bag of Chips, or Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad or Meat Tray or Cheese Tray, etc.
  • N-Z:   Fruit or Veggie Tray

Example:  If your last name is Frantom, it starts with F, and F falls within the A-J section, so you would bring a dessert AND a main dish.

Reminder:  No crock pots.  FREE Disposable Aluminum Pans are available for FREE in the back of the Worship Center.  All hot dishes need to be in an aluminum pan because we use warming stations, and then pans are placed in the serving line on sterno cans.