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CR participant guides -revised


We have books 1 — 4  of  “Journey Begins” also called “Participant Guides”.  They are the workbooks that we use for our personal 12 step journey, that we record our private thoughts in.  These are part of every  C.R. step study group.

If  you’ve completed 1-4, have you shared your testimony in Big Group?  Are you leading a Small Group? Part of our 12 step journey includes service, and what is a great way to serve and thereby keep to your 12 step graduation process.

If  you’ve already COMPLETED your C.R. step study/spiritual inventory/12steps, there is a secondary set of books for a step study.  Books 5-8 “Journey Continues” which is about maintaining your momentum in your recovery journey.


CR Bible -revised soft cover version            CELEBRATE RECOVERY BIBLE (NIV) SOFT COVER

Another optional tool is the softcover Celebrate Recovery Bible in the New International Version.  We especially like the Large Print edition.  Inside it is packed with all the familiar CR Big Group ‘tools’ you’re familiar with like the 12 steps, 8 principles, Small Group Guidelines, & Lesson acrostics.  It also has a great  30 day devotional at the very back.  Some of the wonderful ‘tools’ of Celebrate are the various personal testimonies, they are in this Bible too, as well as Bible Character examples, a topical word glossary, and much more.  This is an excellent TOOL that we highly recommend.


Celebrate Recovery BIBLE App is available online for approx. $16.99 on Google Play or iTunes store.


CHIP NIGHT is our once a month celebration of the milestones we’ve traveled in our recovery journey.  We would love to have you join our group and get involved in the support and encouragement of others who are also working on wholeness and healing of their hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  You’re invited.

blue chip - 1st time attender bronze coin - 1 year sobriety

Ask a Celebrate Recovery Leader for more information,

or go online to  celebraterecovery.com



Celebrate Recovery Phone APP:


or go to  iTunes store for iPhones.

With this free App you can locate a C.R. in whatever town you find yourself in.

Or if you’re looking to attend 90 meetings in 90 days, etc.  Also, a link to the International Celebrate Recovery’s Facebook page  where every Friday night at 9pm there is a live video Question & Answer session with one of the International Leaders at C.R. Saddleback (headquarters for all C.R.’s)

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