History of the HUB -Estab. 1904

A Brief History from our Centennial Celebration:

A Century of Impact.  1904-2004

In October 1903, a United Brethren mission was started in a hall upstairs over Sam Foote’s Grocery Store on Broad Street across from the courthouse.  Revival services were held, and during the second series of services, which lasted for five weeks, there were 28 conversions.  That group became First United Brethren In Christ Church Society of Hillsdale on January 26, 1904, with 30 charter members under the leadership of Reverends William and Celea H. Hagaman, conference evangelists and organizers.

In 1907, under the pastorate of Reverend E.C. Mason, we purchased our own building at 15 South Howell Street from the Universalist Church for the price of $4,000.  That building was our only home until 1966, when we purchased land just south of town at 1300 S. Hillsdale Road for $5,250, and we began construction right away on a new Fellowship Hall., which was dedicated on October 9 that same year.  This new site became the sanctuary, that property was annexed to the city and given its current mailing address of 240 South Howell Street.  In 1973, a parsonage was built, and in November 1974, the church building at 15 South Howell Street was sold to Hillsdale Baptist Chapel, which subsequently changed its name to Hillsdale Baptist Church.  For several months, we held worship services in the Fellowship Hall while construction was being completed on the sanctuary.  In 1975, the new sanctuary was dedicated.  In 1983, the debt incurred for that project was retired, and the mortgage was burned.

In 1993, on March the 7th, the church broke ground for the Impact Center under the pastorate of Wayne Goldsmith.   That major addition was dedicated on September 25, 1995.  It included a gymnasium, nine classrooms, and expansion of the Fellowship Hall and Nursery.

In 2003 it was renovated and converted into a multi-purpose Worship Center; it is now the home of both of our Worship Services.

More Changes/Makeovers Into More Usable Spaces

In 2007 the Ministry Offices Center (MOC) was dedicated and became the center of activity on week days for all HUB staff.  The offices moved from all different areas throughout the main building with its massive boiler system for heating, into the more cost efficient, forced air system of the former parsonage.  The MOC has eight offices and two large meeting rooms.  The main floor we labeled the conference room, and the basement room we labeled the board room.

In 2011, the HUB Activity Center  (HAC) was dedicated and we had another multi purpose area as a second smaller gym.  Then once the interior was completed, we now have a lovely carpeted floor space and warming kitchen for our congregation to gather  together.  It seats 300 people maximum.

Under the advice of our local police department we installed surveillance systems for theft prevention throughout the campus.