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Our weekend messages in the month of January are based on Lessons in Proverbs and are titled, “HARD SMARTS”. This weekend’s message, “Love and Faithfulness” was Part 2 in the series.
Proverbs 3:3 “Let love and faithfulness NEVER leave you; BIND them around your neck, WRITE them on the TABLET of your heart.”

Love and Faithfulness (NIV)
Kindness and loyalty (NLT)
Kindness and truth (NASB)
Mercy and truth (KJV)
Steadfast love and faithfulness (ESV)
Love and loyalty (MSG)

*Love and faithfulness should be our NATURE.
(not fickle like our emotions or habits!)

“Checed” (Hebrew) – Loving kindness, loyal devotion, faithful fidelity, dedicated allegiance
“Emeth” (Hebrew) – Faithful, truth, firmness, sureness, reliability, certainty, trustworthiness

Exodus 34:1-7; Psalm 25:10; Hebrews 11:1;
Joshua 2:17-18; Job 41:5

*Love and faithfulness should CONFINE/CONTROL our ACTIONS.

*Love and faithfulness should be INGRAINED into our THINKING.
(“WRITE them on the TABLET of your heart”)
—Tablet— are on wood, stone, clay or metal — permanently carved