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Q.:  Why don’t you have a group for _________________?

A.:  Celebrate Recovery takes the role of leadership very seriously.  newcomers to recovery can be very vulnerable, and it is important that those leading the groups have walked through the process and found healing for themselves first.  Therefore, the open share groups that are offered at an individual church will reflect the recovery journeys of the local leadership.  All programs will offer a men’s group and a women’s group.  The principles of recovery are the same for all issues, and participants can find support and help for their issue in any group.  As the leadership of the program grows, more groups covering more specific recovery issues can be offered.


Q.:  I am not an addict.  Why should I attend Celebrate Recovery?

A.:  Celebrate Recovery is for ANY kind of struggle in our lives.  less than a third of the people who attend Celebrate Recovery struggle with substance abuse — the rest may come for anger, marriage struggles, adult children on drugs, overeating, you name it!  Many of us come because someone in our family is struggling.  If a family member is struggling, it is affecting the whole family –and we need support too!  EVERYBODY NEEDS RECOVERY!


Q.:  What if I want to leave after the large group meeting?

A.:  You are certainly welcome to do so —we will not hold you captive!  However, it is important for you to know that this recovery process is much like baking a cake.  If you leave one of the ingredients out of the recipe, it just won’t taste the same.  In the same way, in recovery there is a reason we have the three ongoing groups to Celebrate Recovery process.  We encourage everyone to jump in with both feet.  Many people will say that they just don’t have time to do all three components –the large group, the open share group, and the step study group.  As a wise accountability partner once told me, “We need to spend as much time on our recovery as we have on our junk.”  Those who work the process by doing the proven three groups really see much more significant and longstanding growth.  It truly does work if you work it and won’t if you don’t.